c60 verbindungen

»Das C60 wird für Bochum Mitglied des europäischen Netzwerks PLACES of scientific culture.«

The core of the PLACES project is formed by more than 60 European City Partnerships in almost 30 countries.

The City Partnerships constitute alliances of science communication institutions and local policymakers. The partnerships have been the basis for collaborative work between local stakeholders to develop Local Action Plans targeting science communication policies in European cities and regions.

In many cases, City Partnerships have grown to involve media, non-governmental organizations, universities, research institutions, companies, and other interested parties. The Local Action Plans target key challenges in cities, based on scientific problem-solving. The Local Action Plans are strategic visions that inform science communication policy at the local level for many years to come. The City Partnerships develop the plans addressing science and technology-related issues relevant to their respective city or region. Citizen consultations thus have been key steps in the development of the Local Action Plans.